About Us

At The Haute Rack Shop we cater to the group of women that are struggling to find their place in the malls. Are you the young professional with the new job in corporate America that likes to hit the happy hour scenes after work. Do you shop at the Forever 21s or do you head over to the NY&Co. I mean the collections are beautiful but is it for you? Are you a new mom? Adjusting to your new body and trying to find the time to get dressed up in between getting the baby fed and dressed.  Where do you find your place in the world of fashion? Do you succumb to Target t-shirts and distressed jeans? Or how are you the young lady who recently ended a relationship with your most recent lover and you're finally getting back into the dating scene. Where do you go to find that perfect outfit to make that lasting first impression? 

For women like you and many others we offer a variety of clothing and accessories that will make you feel Haute.Our models are every day women just like you! They are mothers, young professionals, wives, and some are single and getting back into the dating scene, and they are lost as all get out in the malls trying to find the age appropriate but still sexy outfit that fits into their busy lifestyle. 

We are dedicated to our customers satisfaction therefore each purchase is packaged with care and sufficiently sanitized then moisturized hands. We understand the importance of receiving your items timely therefore we offer a one-day handling time 4 days a week. 


Mission Statement 

The Haute Rack Shop provides age appropriate clothing for millennial women looking for comfort and affordability outside of the mall trends. We strategically build collections that will fit into our customers busy lifestyles and highlight their confidence and femininity.

” We are not for every woman but for the everyday woman”.


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